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What is Starfield?

Starfield is the first new universe in over 25 years from Bethesda Game Studios, the award-winning creators of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and Fallout 4. In this next generation role-playing game set amongst the stars, create any character you want and explore with unparalleled freedom as you embark on an epic journey to answer humanity’s greatest mystery.

World Cleanup Day: A Global Movement for a Cleaner Planet

Born in Estonia in 2008, World Cleanup Day is now a global event where millions unite every third Saturday of September to combat the waste crisis. Spanning over 190 countries, volunteers take to streets, forests, beaches, and rivers to remove mismanaged waste and litter. More than just a cleanup, it’s a call to action—raising awareness, changing habits, and driving policy changes. Together, for one day, we make a world of difference. Join us and be part of the solution!

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Why World Cleanup Day and Starfield Partner: A Universe United for a Cleaner Tomorrow

In a groundbreaking collaboration, World Cleanup Day (WCD) and Bethesda’s Starfield come together, fusing the vastness of space exploration with the immediate urgency of our earthly responsibilities. As adventurers explore the far reaches of the universe in „Starfield“, they’re reminded of our collective duty to protect and sustain our home planet.

Both entities recognize the significance of responsibility. Just as players gather resources across galaxies, we must also treasure and responsibly manage the resources on Earth. Sustainability isn’t just an earthly goal but a universal one. In the spirit of WCD, Starfield emphasizes the importance of collecting resources, not wastefully, but with purpose.

Moreover, upcycling isn’t just a trend; it’s a necessity, both on Earth and in the vast cosmos of „Starfield“. By giving waste a second life, we champion the principle of renewal, resonating in-game as players repurpose what they find across space.
Join us in this epic partnership. Embrace a future where gaming meets global action, where we play responsibly, and where our adventures in the virtual universe translate to tangible change on our beautiful blue planet.

World Cleanup Day and Starfield Partnership Details


Let us catapult you into space! And while you’re at it, do something good. In Hall 8 at gamescom, a spectacular Starfield cinema awaits you with exclusive gameplay footage never shown before. For every Starfield presentation, we’ll donate „Cleanup Kits“ to a school class for collective trash collection!

The selected schools will be announced at the end of the day on Bethesda’s social media channels! 

Date: 23th August until 27th August
Xbox Stand, Hall 8

World Cleanup Day Celebration on September 16

We will ultimately celebrate the official World Cleanup Day together with our global communities. We invite all participants to post a photo of their clean-up on social media using the hashtag #starfieldcleanup for a chance to win numerous prizes.

Date: 16.09.2023

ck2022 6952

Announcement of the winning schools

Gamescom Tag 1, 23.08.
Name der SchuleOrtBundesland
Realschule BramscheBramscheNI
Jenaplanschule im ErzgebirgeMarkersbachSN
DPFA-Regenbogen-Gymnasium ZwenkauZwenkauSN
Gesamtschule Heinsberg-WaldfeuchtHeinsbergNW
Leipziger ModellschuleLeipzigSN
Oberschule ThalheimThalheimSN
Johannes-Kepler-Gymnasium LeipzigLeipzigSN
Realschule ObrigheimObrigheimBW
Pädagogisches Zentrum SchleizSchleizTH
Viktor Frankl FörderschuleAachenNW
Name der SchuleOrtBundesland
Realschule Deisenhofen (Zweigschule Walter-Klingenbeck-Realschule Taufkirchen)OberhachingBY
Freie humanistische Schule HuntlosenGroßenkneten HosüneNI
Louise-Otto-Peters Gymnasium LeipzigLeipzigSN
Realschule LöcknitzLöcknitzBB
Realschule plus Neustadt\/ WiedNeustadtRP
Europaschule Ostendorf-GymnasiumLippstadtNW
Berufskolleg Halle (Westf.)Halle (Westf.)NW
Christian-Weise-Gymnasium ZittauZittauSN
Wichernschule MindenMindenNW
Gymnasium SteglitzBerlinBE
Schul-Umwelt-Zentrum Berlin-MitteBerlinBE
Anne-Frank-Realschule BochumBochumNE
Name der SchuleOrtBundesland
Staatliches Förderzentrum Johann Heinrich PestalozziRudolstadtTH
Maximilian-von-Welsch Realschule KronachKronachBY
Regelschule Weimar-SchöndorfWeimarTH
KGS MoringenMoringenNI
Oberschule am Barnet-Licht-PlatzLeipzigSN
BSZ für Gesundheit, Technik und Wirtschaft des ErzgebirgskreisesOelsnitz \/ ErzgebirgeSN
Ita Wegman Schule Benefeld, GartenbauWalsrode/OT BenefeldNI
Förderzentrum Gutenbergschule KielKielSH
Futurum Vogtland Ev. Gymnasium MylauMylauSN
Schule HochfeldRendsburgSH
Kepler-Gymnasium PforzheimPforzheimBW
OBS DeegfeldNordhornNI
Hennebergisches Gymnasium „Georg Ernst“ SchleusingenSchleusingenTH
Name der SchuleOrtBundesland
Realschule DermbachDermbachTH
Städtische Realschule HeiligenhausHeiligenhausNW
Heisenberg-Gymnasium BruchsalBruchsalBW
Neue Oberschule CaasmannstraßeBrandenburg an der HavelBB
Freie WaldorfschuleAachenNW
Rothenbachschule SömmerdaSömmerdaTH
Realschule PuchheimPuchheimBY
Leo-Sympher BerufskollegMindenNW
Mittelschule Franz-Nißl-StraßeMünchenBY
Realschule Plus NiederzissenNiederzissenRP
RS OppurgOppurgTH
starfield 02 newatlantis

How Can You, Our Community, Participate?

Dive into a universe where action meets impact. Whether you’re a seasoned gamer, an eco-warrior, or just someone wanting to make a positive difference, the union of World Cleanup Day and Starfield offers a myriad ways to get involved.

In-Game: Engage with the sustainability missions in Starfield. From collecting space debris to upcycling in-game materials, every task matters.

In the Real World: Mark September 16 on your calendar! Join local World Cleanup Day events or start one in your community. Your hands, your effort, every little action counts.

Spread the Word: Share your in-game achievements on social media, showing how you’re making a difference in Starfield’s universe. Use this as a chance to spread awareness about real-world environmental issues.

Organize and Innovate: Think of fun ways to blend the gaming and environmental worlds. Maybe an eco-themed game night or a Starfield-inspired cleanup day in your neighborhood? Your creativity is the limit!

Celebrate Successes: Whether you’ve completed a challenging in-game mission or participated in a local cleanup drive, celebrate and share your successes. Positive vibes are contagious!

Stay Engaged: Keep the momentum going. Participate in forums, join Starfield and WCD community groups, and stay updated on upcoming events and initiatives.

Remember, this partnership is not just about a game and an event—it’s a movement. It’s about harnessing the power of community, combining our passion for gaming with our responsibility towards our planet. And in this movement, every single one of you plays a pivotal role. Let’s spread positivity, take action, and reshape the universe, both virtual and real!


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