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JCI and Let’s Do It! World Commit to Building Peace by Keeping Our World Clean


2019, St. Louis, USA — This year, JCI has committed to increase awareness for peace in communities worldwide with the Act for Peace: The 2019 Peace is Possible World Tour that mobilizes young people to participate in peace actions and initiatives all around the world. As World Cleanup Day 2019 will take place on 21 September—the International Day of Peace—JCI will be actively promoting all activities around World Cleanup Day as part of the Act for Peace Tour and encourage young people to participate in local clean-ups and stand up against global waste pollution, because without a clean world, we cannot have a peaceful one.

To build peace in our communities, JCI will continue to collaborate with Let’s Do It! World to mobilize thousands of young people around the world to raise awareness of sustainable waste practices and their importance for a peaceful world. This collaboration will commit to working together to achieve the ultimate goal of keeping our planet clean by connecting all sectors of society and bringing fundamental changes around the world.

This ongoing collaboration will further build on the success of the first World Cleanup Day that took place on 15 September 2018 and mobilized nearly 18 million people from 157 countries, who collectively created one of the biggest civic actions against waste in human history. Driven by a mission to create positive change, JCI members around the world actively supported World Cleanup Day by participating in local clean ups in 67 countries. This momentum led to JCI receiving an award for Best Leading Partner on World Cleanup Day 2018 by the Let’s Do It! Foundation at the 2019 Clean World Conference.

“Addressing the root causes of injustice, inequality and poverty is necessary for building a more peaceful world. That is why, by supporting World Cleanup Day, we hope to inspire young people to take action on the International Day of Peace and create global awareness for a more sustainable use of resources. We believe, that only a clean world can be a peaceful world,” says Arrey Obenson, JCI Secretary General.

As one of the founders of Let’s Do It! World, Anneli Ohvril, adds: “We are thrilled about our continuing collaboration with JCI and their commitment to a cleaner, more peaceful world. It is no accident that World Cleanup Day and the International Day of Peace fall on the same day this year. We hope to increase the understanding of the link between peace and a cleaner world—if we can reduce the amount of raw materials we need and move closer to a circular economy, then we will reduce wars that very often stem from conflicts over resources.”

Participate in World Cleanup Day this year and join millions of volunteers cleaning up their communities and acting for peace all around the world!

About World Cleanup Day: World Cleanup Day is a global cleanup event organized by Let’s Do It World aiming to make the world a cleaner place and raise awareness of the harms of mismanaged waste through cleanups and campaigns in participating countries across the world. For more information visit:

About JCI: JCI is a nonprofit organization of young active citizens aged 18 to 40 whose purpose is providing development opportunities that empower young people to create positive change around the world, uniting all sectors of society to create sustainable impact. For more information visit:




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